Polypropylene cloths

General information on polypropylene cloths

Polypropylene cloths, also called plastic polypropylene (PP) hessian cloths, are made of 100% pure polypropylene.



Plastic polypropylene hessian cloths are used for covering and protecting surfaces, in cabinet-making, but also for the construction of banners. There are also white hessian cloths available in pieces, which are used for fishing nets, as well as at the fields for tobacco harvest.


Types of polypropylene cloths

Polypropylene cloths are available in rolls of 100 metres. The following dimensions of plastic hessian cloths are available:



Available dimensions of plastic hessian cloth

Width Length Weight
White 100 cm 100 m 100 gr/m²
White 150 cm 100 m 100 gr/m²
White 180 cm 100 m 75 gr/m²
White 200 cm 100 m 100 gr/m²