Jute cloths (burlaps / hessian cloths)

General information on jute cloths (burlaps / hessian cloths)

Jute cloths (hessian cloths or burlaps) are of vegetable origin. They are made entirely of the natural jute product and they are environment-friendly.



The main use of these cloths is in cabinet-making, but they are also used as decoration in shops, window-dressings, etc. They are also used in floriculture, in greenhouses for protection from frost and for covering tree roots during their transportation, in constructions combined with tar for roof insulations, as well as for filtering various liquid substances.

The above attest the fact that the well-known hessians or burlaps are materials with extensive use.


Types of jute cloths (burlaps / hessian cloths)

Jute hessians are available in rolls of 50 metres. The following types of jute hessians are available:


Available dimensions of jute cloths

Type Width Weight
48/7 oz 1,22 m 213 gr/m²
54/10 oz 1,37 m 305 gr/m²
72/10 oz 1,83 m 305 gr/m²
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