Ground cloths

Ground cloths are made of polypropylene and are mainly used in greenhouses and gardens, to prevent the growing of weeds.

General information on ground cloths

Ground cloths are made of 100% pure polypropylene and they come in black colour. They are UV-stabilized, in order to withstand solar radiation.

Moreover, the particular cloths have green squares of 15cm x 15cm designed on their surfaces, to facilitate their use inside greenhouses (for the orderly placement of plants, pots, etc.)



Ground cloths can be used to cover the ground, in order to prevent the growing of weeds and pests. They are therefore mainly used in greenhouses, gardens, and during jobs that require them to be laid on the ground, as the growing of weeds is undesirable.


Types of ground cloths

They are available in 100-metre rolls and at the following widths:
100 cm, 200 cm, 300 cm, 400 cm and 500 cm.



Available dimensions of ground cloths

Width Lenght
Black 100 cm 100 m
Black 200 cm 100 m
Black 300 cm 100 m
Black 400 cm 100 m
Black 500 cm 100 m
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