Twines, yarns & ropes

Our company has a wide variety of twines, yarns and ropes, for packaging, securing and transporting commodities.

In this product category, you will find packaging twines and greenhouse twines, polyester yarns for sewing the bags, sisal twines, and polyester ropes for the maritime or agricultural sector.

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Packaging twines

Polypropylene twines of 6,000 to 40,000 denier in bobbins, for packaging, wrapping and other uses.

Greenhouse twines

Polypropylene twines for greenhouses, with high content of UV stabilizer, ideal for use in greenhouses.

Sisal twines

Sisal twines are made of the natural sisal product and they are ideal for use in agriculture, as they don’t damage the plants.

Braided polyester ropes

Submersible braided polyester ropes with the necessary resilience. Ideal ropes for shipping and any other purpose.

Polyester yarns

Synthetic yarns made of 100% polyester, ideal for sewing the bags and for various other purposes.