Big bags

General information on big bags

Big bags are one of our company’s product categories of bags. These are large bags like the ones shown in the photo and they can hold products of 500 kg up to 2,000 kg. This type of bag is known as Big Bag, Jumbo Bag or FIBC. Big bags are made of polypropylene.


Use & safety

Big bags are mainly used for storing and transporting construction materials, wood, charcoal, agricultural products as well as food products. Big bags have a safety factor (SF) of 5:1 and their minimum safe working load (SWL) is 1,000 kg. We can manufacture big bags of any combination of dimension, capacity and type, upon request.


Types of big bags

Big bags are manufactured in many different types and dimensions, depending on the client’s needs. The type of a big bag is determined mainly by its top and bottom design, but also by how many lifting points it has.

All big bags can be laminated (i.e., water resistant) or they can have an inner lining made of polyethylene, upon request.

Except from the standard big bags, ventilated big bags are also available, called Ventilated or Air Bags, which have vertical ventilated strips of fabric, in order for their interior and their content to be ventilated. Air Bagsare mainly used for storing and carrying potatoes, wood and other products which need to be ventilated.


Big bags with 4 loops

These are big bags which have 4 loops on their top side (four lifting points), from which they can be lifted, carried and placed. The jumbo bag with four lifting points is the most common type; however all the following top/bottom combinations can be manufactured.

Big bags with four lifting points can also come with an inner bag of polyethylene, in order to store and carry liquid products or powder products, like lime.

The open top of a Big Bag can be:

Open Top Filling Spout Top Skirt


The discharge spout of a Big Bag can be:

  Discharge Spout


The following table shows the most common dimensions and types of big bags we have in stock. For more customized orders, please contact us.


Available types & dimensions of big bags

Type (1)
Open Top - Closed Bottom
Type (2)
Open Top - Discharging Valve
Type (3)
Top Valve - Closed Bottom
80x80x80 cm
90x90x90 cm
90x90x120 cm
85x85x85 cm
90x90x60 cm
90x90x90 cm
90x90x120 cm
90x90x120 cm
Type (4)
Top Skirt - Discharging Valve
Type (5)
Top Skirt - Closed Bottom
Type (6)
Top Valve - Discharging Valve
90x90x120 cm
100x100x140 cm
100x100x185 cm
100x100x185 cm
90x90x120 cm
90x90x160 cm


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