Bags, sacks

Our company supplies the Greek and international market with bags (sacks) for all purposes. Our range of products includes jute bags, Big Bags, plastic bags and paper bags. Bags are also called sacks. "Sack" is a more common word and version of the exact same thing!

The truth is that thanks to our extensive range of bags (sacks) of different types and dimensions, we can meet all our clients’ needs in no time.

Moreover, all our sacks can be printed at our factory according to each client’s preference. Find out more about bag printing.

Please select a bag category for more details.

Jute bags

Ideal for storing or transporting agricultural products like olives, potatoes, coffee, dried nuts, pulses, etc.

Big bags

Very large bags, with a capacity of 500 to 2,000 kg of commodities. These bags are called Big Bags.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags are made of polypropylene and they are used for animal feed, fine brans, coarse brans, and other purposes.

Paper bags

Of white or brown colour, with two or three layers, for storing and transporting powder products.

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