General information on tarpaulins

Our tarpaulins are available in 2 types: 120 gr/m² and 190 gr/m². All our tarpaulins are waterproof, made of laminated polyethylene and they are internally reinforced with rope around their perimetre.

They have metal rings every one metre on each side, so that they can be easily strapped wherever you wish to place them, without being torn or damaged. Furthermore, they have metal rings (also called "eyelets") on all 4 sides, which are thus additionally reinforced.



Tarpaulins are used for the protection of objects, commodities, etc., from weather conditions (rain, humidity, sunshine, etc.) They are also used frequently as tents for stalls at street markets, flea markets and fairs.


Types of tarpaulins

They are available in white (190 gr/m²) and green/blue colour (120 gr/m²). The green/blue tarpaulin weighing 120 gr/m² is green on the one side and blue on the other.

They are packed in cartons and inside the carton each tarpaulin is placed inside a transparent bag.



Tarpaulin dimensions

Dimensions 120 gr/m² 190 gr/m²
2x3 m
2x4 m
3x4 m
3x5 m
3x6 m
4x5 m
4x6 m
4x8 m
5x8 m
5x10 m
5x12 m
6x8 m
6x10 m
6x12 m