Olive harvest nets

General information on olive harvest nets

All our olive harvest nets are made of 100% pure polyethylene (HDPE). They are UV stabilized, in order to withstand solar radiation.

Our company's olive harvest nets are made by special machines, allowing us to guarantee excellent quality of manufacturing and weave, with no holes or splits.

All olive harvest nets come in one-piece. Their four corners are enhanced with parts of tarpaulin and they have rings on them, so that the nets are easily placed under olive trees and hung by them, without being torn.

They are available in packs of 5 pieces. Every olive harvest net is placed inside a plastic, transparent bag, for better protection and appearance.



Olive harvest nets are mainly used to harvest olives, as well as almonds and pistachios. They come in green colour and they are available in a wide variety of dimensions, meeting all the needs of the producer.


Types of olive harvest nets

Olive harvest nets come in packs of 5 pieces.



Available dimensions of olive harvest nets

4m wide 5m wide 6m wide 7m wide 8m wide
4x6 m
4x8 m 5x8 m 6x8 m
5x10 m 6x10 m
5x12 m 6x12 m 7x12 m 8x12 m
7x14 m 8x14 m
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