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"MarkoPack" has been supplying the industrial packaging sector, as well as the food packaging and agricultural sectors, with a wide range of packaging products, since 1959.

Our products, including woven bags for all purposes, shading nets – wind protection nets, olive harvest cloths & olive harvest nets, tarpaulins, braided ropes, packaging twines, greenhouse twines & baler twines, jute cloths (burlaps/hessian cloths), packaging cloths, ground cloths, are all turnkey, made of top quality polypropylene (PP), polyethylene, jute and paper raw materials.

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Knitted Shading Nets

Heavy duty knitted shading/wind-breaking nets made of HDPE (high density polyethylene), UV-enhanced for ultraviolet rays.


Waterproof Tarpaulins

Waterproof tarpaulins made of laminated polyethylene, with metallic supporting rings and internally reinforced with rope around their perimeter, for protection of objects, commodities, etc.